COVID-19 pandemic notice: Netminds it's an independent institution doing the brokering between startups and furloughed workers. Is important to notice all furloughed involved are volunteers.

Connecting Start-ups and Volunteers to share skills and knowledge

Volunteer: Learn, innovate and help

Share your skills with Startups that are solving the world's problems now. Help, get experience, learn and widen your network

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Startups: Get the help you need

Get access to practical skills and knowledge to launch your next milestone: Marketing, Design, UX and industry expertise. Get connected to volunteers and other Startups that want to help you

Who we are.

We are humans with a shared goal. Making the world a better place

Laura Bernal


I am a Social Communicator, with background in advertising and marketing. I believe we are all capable of working together to achieve great things, and one of the best ways to do it is by creating and communicating ideas for a better world.

Cristian Hoyos


I am an Industrial Engineer, with experience in human centred design and IT project management. My passion has always been to find the best ways for humans to collaborate effectively towards the same goal.

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